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LMT Homes

LMT Homes was established in 2014 by Mike and Lauren Tamayo. Their day job might have been professional cycling, but they have plenty of experience in the home building market. 

Moving to Asheville in 2004 they quickly became familiar with the Asheville real estate market and following the trends of what the community was looking for. When the opportunity came to purchase land, the seed for LMT Homes was planted. 

In 2010 working with a local contractor to learn the ins and outs of home building, LMT Homes designed the project and were off to the races. There are many moving parts to building a new home and it was a great experience to learn the new trade.  

Fast forward 11 years, LMT Homes has built for custom clients, and builds to sell. Everyday is a new experience. 

The attention to details that it took to become an Olympic Silver Medalist, and a mainstay in the sport of cycling is the same attention LMT Homes puts into building homes for clients. 

Meet the TEAM

Lauren Tamayo
Unlimited Licensed General Contractor/ Owner

After 20 years as a professional cyclist, it was time to switch gears and decide what was next. Having graduated from the Art Institute with a degree in graphic design, Lauren has always had an interest in being creative. Building homes seemed like the perfect transition and a way to use her natural talent to create inviting spaces for new memories and life experiences for those she works with. 

Mike Tamayo
Joe Setzer
Project Manager

Born and raised just outside of Cherokee in Western NC, so local as can be. Joe served as a crash fire and rescue in the USMC. Joe is a 

4th generation carpenter. Joe has been in the building industry for 20+ years.


When Joe is not on a jobsite you will find him in the outdoors, hunting, fishing, kayaking, camping and riding motorcycles. He is working towards traveling and seeing all the beauty the world has to offer. A typical weekend he loves to throw up his feet, grill and have a bon fire with family. 

Margie Mahan
Vendor Logistics/ Client Relations Manager

Margie comes to LMT Homes from Tallahassee, FL. She completed a Master of Social work degree giving her all the skills to relate to customers from all backgrounds. She has volunteered at the Charles George Veteran Affairs Center putting her knowledge to good use. She lives with her husband Rob and 2 dogs, Lily and Roxy.


Margie enjoys all aspects of traveling, indoor rock climbing, live music and spending time with friends at local breweries. Margie manages orders from vendors, supervises workflow for LMT Homes projects, and addresses questions and concerns from clients. We like to call her manager of all!

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